Em comunicado a revista Rolling Stones, Danny Penniman, filho do lendário Little Richards, confirmou o falecimento do pai, aos 87 anos neste sábado (9). A causa da morte ainda não foi divulgada. 

Richards é conhecido como um dos pais do rock, tendo nascido em 5 de dezembro de 1932, num família de 12 irmãos. Trazendo uma forma única de cantar embalado pelo piano e criou um dos hinos fundadores do rock, “Tutti Frutti“, que fez sua carreira explodir em definitivo. 

Vários nomes do rock/metal prestaram homenagem em suas redes sociais, como Jimmy Page, Gene Simmons, Krist Novoselic, Mick Jagger, John Corabi, William DuVall, entre outros. 

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Annihilator of barriers. Supreme Upsetter. Architect of Rock-N-Roll. All Hail Little Richard! Native of Macon, GA. For this man to come from where he did when he did and achieve what he did is almost unbelievable – a story befitting songs and records that are carved in granite. Listen to the Specialty Records singles. They are miracles of pure energy. Lightning in a bottle. To this day, when I put on “Ready Teddy,” “Long Tall Sally,” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” “Keep-A-Knockin’,” “Rip It Up,” etc., I feel like I can levitate, walk through walls, smash anything that stands in my way. Those records are a total adrenaline rush, unbridled joy. Imagine following this guy onstage in 1955, ‘56, ‘57… Even James Brown said sharing bills with Little Richard back then really inspired him to up his game. I once saw Richard play in Piedmont Park in Atlanta in the 1980s. He still totally killed. He had two bass players, both cranked to eleven. And his piano was still louder than that. It was so heavy. Richard destroyed those piano keys. And his voice nearly brought down the sky. He was thirty years into his career then. After the show, I thought about all of the hardship he must have endured in order to last that long. It was nothing short of amazing. And now that night was over thirty years ago. What an incredible life. A titanic contribution. An immortal inspiration. Thank you, Richard, for all the light you brought to this world and all the strength and joy you brought to so many. You truly will live FOREVER. #LittleRichard #RockNRoll

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