The Grateful Life Project is honored to announce the participation of legendary guitarist Bobby Messano in their upcoming releases. Following the success of their first single, “Sweet Carol,” released in 2023, which resonated not only in Brazil but also in various countries across Latin America and Europe, the project led by Affonso Júnior and Antônio Amaral is thrilled to continue their musical journey with the collaboration of one of the great names in music.

Bobby Messano, known for his legendary career as a guitarist and contemporary blues artist, brings with him vast experience and unparalleled talent. With nine solo CDs released and contributions to over 50 albums from major and independent labels, Messano is a revered figure in the international music scene.

His 2015 album, “Love & Money,” received a Blues Blast Award nomination and topped the Billboard charts, solidifying his place as one of the most talented and influential musicians of his generation. His latest work, “Music & Other Sundries,” released on vinyl in 2022, garnered critical acclaim and featured successful singles.

With a career full of achievements and recognitions, including a Grammy nomination in multiple categories, Bobby Messano brings a unique energy and exceptional skill to the Grateful Life Project. New releases are scheduled for 2024, promising to deliver a truly exceptional musical experience.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming releases from the Grateful Life Project featuring Bobby Messano. This is an event that will certainly leave its mark on the musical scene this year.

Listen to the single “Sweet Carol” here::

About the Grateful Life Project:
The Grateful Life Project is an initiative led by Affonso Júnior and Antônio Amaral, dedicated to promoting and celebrating music in all its forms. With a team of talented professionals, the project seeks to create authentic and inspiring musical experiences for a global audience. For more information, visit the Grateful Life Project’s social media channels.

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