Dave Ingram, one of the legends of Death Metal worldwide, born in England in 1969, being one of the most iconic vocalists of Extreme Metal, having put his voice in several memorable bands, gave us an exclusive interview, talking about Summer Breeze Brazil, Benediction and other bands and much more, in a super chat, read below how the conversation went.

Headbangers Brasil: David Ingram, thanks a lot for your time man, please tell us how was the Summer Breeze Brasil experience for you?

Dave Ingram: Hey folks, thanks for the interview. Hope you enjoy it. The Summer Breeze festival was an amazing time. Lots of great bands, and we met so many cool people. I got to spend a few moments with Crypta, one of my favourite bands, so that was awesome. Our show went well, I thought. The crowd were really receptive and seemed very happy we were there. Overall I loved every moment.

Headbangers Brasil: Do you have plans to comeback to Brazil and do more concerts in our country?

Dave Ingram:Not at the moment, but there is always a possibility in the future. The company we used were amazing people and I would be proud to work with them again another time, if they will have us.

Headbangers Brasil: What do you like most in our country in terms of Food, culture, music, tell us man.

Dave Ingram: It’s actually difficult for me to say. Besides the time I had at the festival I was mostly in my hotel. I have chronic arthritis and have to spend a lot of my time resting and relaxing, so that I am good enough to get out onstage. What you see up there is me head banging and jumping around, but you don’t experience the pain I am constantly in. I never want to stop doing this, so having to spend extra time in a hotel is necessary. As for food, I also have to be careful what I eat, so it was very basic meals for me. But as for music…well I already mentioned Crypta! 

 Headbangers Brasil: In this event, you and Barney Greenway (former Benediction´s vocalist) has been on stage, do you keep in touch within Barney and the guys from Napalm Death?

Dave Ingram: That was the gig in Peru, Chile I believe. I haven’t spoken with Barney for many years, not since we “fell out” a long time ago. We smoothed everything over and we got along great – and of course we did the song “Subconscious Terror” together, which was really awesome, if I say so myself!

Headbangers Brasil: Keeping on the friendship issue, in well known that you and Kam Lee (Massacre) are friends, is him a influence for you?

Dave Ingram: Absolutely yes! Kam has been a huge influence on me since before I began in bands. Both he and Tom G Fischer are friends, and both were incredibly influential in starting my musical career. If I could go bad and tell my teenage self that they would both be friends of mine, in my phone contacts, and hanging out together at shows…then my teenage self wouldn’t believe me!

Headbangers Brasil: The last Benediction album, Scriptures, has been really well received for the fans and the media, how it was for you to compose and record this incredible album?

Dave Ingram: I worked from my home in Copenhagen, Denmark. The guys sent me the music to write to, and I got the lyrics created – usually at work, which is where I am writing this interview from, too! (Yeah, I get paid to do this!!) I would then record the vocals at home for demo tracks and send them back to the band. Eventually we would have a song finished and, when all the tracks were ready, we went to Grindhouse Studios in the UK to record it professionally. It took a while, but it was definitely worth it. It will be the same with the next album, which we are currently writing.

Headbangers Brasil: Scriptures is a “child of the pandemic”, did this insane time we live in, in any way influence the composition of the album?

Dave Ingram: I’ve never heard it called that before, so that’s new to me. In truth, the pandemic happened just AFTER the recording of the album. I believe we finished recording in November 2019, and the pandemic began in 2020, so no…there was no influence on the writing. Nor will there be on the next album. There’s been enough written about that period and we don’t need to add anything to it.

Headbangers Brasil: And do you have plans for a new release dude, could you tell us about it?

Dave Ingram: Yes, we have a new release planned. And no, I can’t tell you anything about it. Though what I can say is that songs are slowly being written and perfected, and we look forward to bringing these tracks to the world as soon as possible.

Headbangers Brasil: Man, you passed through a LOT of bands, and recorded within a lot more, can you tell us what band you most miss to record and touring??

Dave Ingram: Okay, so the bands I have been in – and performed live with – are: Benediction, Bolt Thrower, Downlord, Hail of Bullets, Just Before Dawn. The other bands I have been in, or still am in and continue to release with are: Desert Mouth, Down Among The Dead Men, Echelon, Ursinne, Stygian Dark, Hellfrost And Fire, Formaldehydist, and a new project coming soon called Sand Cadaver. I like being busy.

Headbangers Brasil: Could you tell us how it´s your connection within the Brazillian Underground bands, like Crypta, and others that you have recorded, like Torture Squad, Crucifixion BR. And it´s truth that you have tattoed something from Crypta in you??

Dave Ingram: Yes, I have the Crypta “C/A” symbol on my arm. They are one of my favourite bands, and I see that they have a new single out TODAY (Yesterday Crypta released a new tune, listen it here)!! So I hope they have a new album out soon too. My friend Sonia was guitarist in them on their first album, and I got to know them that way. I’m still a huge fan of their’s even though Sonia has gone (I really like her new band Cobra Spell too!) and look forward to getting my hands on any new vinyl they put out. The other bands contacted me online and asked to be on their tracks, and I agreed. Now I just wish to one day sing on a Crypta song with Fernanda!

Headbangers Brasil: Religion is Always a matter in question inside Metal World and it´s dogmas, could you tell us your relation within the Church Of Satan?

Dave Ingram: I have been a member of the Church of Satan for 15 years, and was given the title of Priest. If you wish to know more about Satanism then visit the ONLY correct source: www.churchofsatan.com and read the FAQ section. This will answer any questions you may have.

Headbangers Brasil: What do you think of politically active militant bands? Do you consider yourself and Benediction one of those bands?

Dave Ingram: Benediction has a Punk attitude towards music, but we keep politics out of it. It can be so very polarising in today’s world, and is an unnecessary burden when it comes to death metal. 

Headbangers Brasil: Man, thanks a lot for your time to answer us, now it´s with you man, leave a message for Headbangers Brasil.

Dave Ingram: Many thanks for the interview. For all the fans: Stay true to the scene and the scene will stay true to you. Keep it heavy, and keep yourselves safe. Many Thanks & Much Love To DJ CAMMY!!

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